what is ‘HealthyDeliciousness’

anyone can make a delicious smoothie, but is it necessarily nutritious?

toss in all the great green goodness you want- but can you make it taste delicious?

well we put in the time, research, and energy to ensure its nutritious, but pride ourselves on way we offer you pure deliciousness…


what is ‘a Nutritionally forward company’

while we care about bringing you Deliciousness, we ensure that every last item is not only nutritionally sound, but functional as well


are you a juice company

we are a smoothie company..while juicing has its benefits, we prefer to give you all of the fruit or veggie to be used as fuel (including all the wonderful minerals, vitamins, and nutrients)


is this a vegan company

while our shakes, smoodees, & pumpkin powder is vegan & gluten free, we prefer to call ourselves ‘Neutral’..meaning that because our prime focus is on providing you the best fuel for maximum digestion & absorption, we found it best to leave out certain things that may interfere with our blends’ effectiveness..
Everything has its place, and we need people to pay attention to what ‘their’ body is actually feeling when it comes to ingesting anything.

We are inclusive, meaning that we wish to be able to provide deliciousness to ALL- regardless of their preferences, religion, political views, loves, or sensitivities


are you certified organic

while most we use is organic, not all is..we follow a widely researched, and practiced nutritional guide called the ‘Dirty Dozen/Clean 15’- which nicely dictates which produce/products absolutely should be used organic due to their high pesticide absorption rate, and others that are much less permeable/affected..(let’s add link to the list- or provide list)

awareness is very important to us- meaning that we want you to know when you are selecting foods, why do YOU do it- as opposed to just following trends, movements, or rhetoric


do products have a shelf-life

yes, because we are an all-natural company that doesn’t use any chemical preservatives, just like fresh fruits and veggies, they will expire..

but due to the natural preservatives we use (lemon, olive oil, sweet basil), and also ensure that are bases are specifically formulated to not include combinations/ingredients that will accelerate oxidization (decrease shelf life)…

ahhh the beauty of working with nutritional experts

in short- products will have their expiration date written on the bottom of the bottle (shakes approx 7-9 days, smoodees 12-21 days)


what days do you deliver

unless a holiday or special circumstance, we make deliveries on Mondays and Thursday evening overnight..

because we only make deliveries overnight at this time, we need to be able to leave the parcel on a porch or receiving entrance..

(we make the exception of apartments with a concierge that will receive parcel)

**kindly ensure that a cooler or cooler bag with ice/ice pack is left on out, as to protect the cool temperature of products left overnight**


when do I need to order by

48 hours is needed before next delivery date (if can be delivered before, a smoodee expert will contact you to let you know)..if after that time, expect delivery on the following Monday or Thursday (whichever comes soonest)



everyone has very specific needs – tastes, allergies, performance, addressing disease…

so all of our formulations can be adjusted (under advisement of our Nutritional team)..

take note that there will be a surcharge for this (unless special offer), and we only offer customizations on 2L jugs or 6Pakks (unless you walk into the café, and you can get a single made on the spot- just for YOU)